How often do I need an MOT?

Once your MINI is three years old, you’ll need a valid MOT test certificate, which then needs renewing annually. You can do this a month (minus a day) before the expiry of your existing certificate, without ‘losing’ the number of valid days on the certificate.

Clearly, this test highlights obvious performance and safety issues with a vehicle. But not having a valid MOT also means you would be driving unlawfully, and wouldn’t be able to renew your road tax. The fine for driving without a valid certificate is a maximum £1,000 penalty.

If you have an accident, any insurance claim could be affected if you’re unable to present a current MOT. What’s more, police patrols and mobile camera units are now able to check for certification remotely.

Why choose us for MINI MOTs in Yorkshire?

No one would describe taking their vehicle for its annual MOT as fun, exactly. But at mad4mini, based in Leeds, we aim to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible:

  • We can arrange your MOT for all MINI models
  • We enable you to renew your MOT certificate at a competitive price
  • As independent MINI specialists offering discounts on main dealer charges, we know every model like the back of our own hands
  • If your MINI doesn’t pass the test for any reason, we’ll always discuss this with you before doing any work
  • Tests are done promptly – we don’t like to keep anyone hanging around waiting, and want to disrupt your day as little as possible
  • All paperwork, including your certificate, handed over on the day
What are some of the common reasons for a MINI failing its MOT?

According to the AA, the five most common reasons for a MINI Cooper (which has nearly a 75% pass rate) failing its MOT, based on nearly 190,000 tests, are as follows:

  • Brakes (24.1%)
  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment (22.6%)
  • Tyres (17.9%)
  • Driver’s view of the road (11.1%)
  • Suspension (10.4%)

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